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LTP CASE was created in 1985 on a commitment: to provide a custom designed aesthetic and technical solution to the needs of small and medium production runs. With an annual need of 1 – 10 000 pieces they cannot have access to technologies for large series (plastic injection mainly) or do not find satisfaction within the standard plastic enclosure range.

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From enclosure design to fabrication: A fast, flexible and economic solution

By developing an integrated process, from enclosure design to enclosure fabrication, our "tooling-free" process is fast, flexible and economical because there are no specific tooling costs. LTP CASE saves time and money for its customers by designing and manufacturing customized enclosures and casings in small and medium size production runs without any minimum order quantities. No need for a mould. No need for post purchase rework and milling of a standard enclosure. Since its foundation, LTP CASE has developed and manufactured more than 10,000 unique and different customized casing projects throughout the European continent, with a dedicated local partner in Germany, England, Sweden, Holland, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and Russia. From the simplest solution to the most elaborate product, LTP CASE is the partner of all types of companies in the health / beauty, service / micro-electronics and industry sectors. Customized bespoke enclosures produced by LTP are designed to embellish, protect or cover analysis, control, processing, printing or RFID devices or any type of IoT devices (Connected Objects - Internet of the Things).

A multiple range of technical features and construction designs are available

Material: You can choose one or several plastic raw materials. Our technical sales team will afterwards define the best adapted material regarding your project. (ABS, UL, POLYCARBONATE, PVC or PMMA). Painting, Varnish, Marking, Digital Printing & Accessories : Any finishing is done in-house. None of the production steps is outsourced. Personalisation: The information provided in our online form on ElectroniCase, will allow you to generate an instant quote based on our pre-designed enclosure range. If you wish to develop a unique shape enclosure, the online checklist will allow us to understand your needs and to prepare a quote. The exact location and dimensions will be confirmed later by our construction office during the development and programming of your custom designed enclosure or front panel. To help you understand and visualise the different features available, we provide a free of charge sample, which you can order directly online.