Custom Designed information stands, main consoles for medical treatment devices : No Tooling

A plastic kiosk or trolley enclosure is a volume created by assembling plastic sheets to protect, embellish or cover electronic equipment. With its column shape, in most cases, it is a stand-alone housing including a display.

Bigger size of plastic enclosures can be manufactured by using several different plastic sheets to complete the housing. A terminal placed on the floor is a good example of where several parts are manufactured together to be able to reach a big volume plastic enclosure.

A trolley or stand along kiosk enclosure is used to mount the central unit of a device. The portable parts are then linked by cable, RFID or a bluetooth connection. A custom designed solution allows you to give the right look to your device. For example a laboratory, medical or cosmetic working environement round shapes and hygenic looking whites are used. In an industrial production environement where a device is exposed to dirt, dust, oils or chemicals, product designeds prefer using colours like grey and silver.

Custom designed plastic ENCLOSURE for industrial devices

Devices used in an industrial enviroment need to be robust enough against oil, chemicals. They need to reply to norms such as UL and include mechanical resistance…. LTP has over 30 years of experience in the ….