Bespoke sloped Display Enclosures for touch screen applications

A sloped display or monitor plastic enclosure is a volume created by assembling plastic sheets to protect, embellish or cover electronic equipment including a display. Its front panel is inclined, improving user machine interaction. With its medium size it can be handheld, placed on a desktop or wall mounted.

A sloped display monitor enclosure has an inclined front panel with a cut out to host a display, monitor or keyboard. It does not only protect electronics such as PCBs and connectors from dirt, liquids or electromagnetic interferance, but also allows the operator to comfortably use the electronic device.

Make your device ergonomic with a custom sloped display & monitor enclosure

The inclined position of the front panel allows an adapted mouting of the membrane keyboard or monitor.

LTP fabricates the bespoke enclosures without any specific mould. This means even small to medium production runs can be developed and produced "custom designed". Like this a devices for acces control, that register all people that enter your office by a making them click on a display. The display and the electronics on the pcb behind the display is the whole product. So basically there is no need for an enclosure to cover the display.

But it will not look like a finished product even though it works as good.

There is where a custom design plastic enclosure comes perfectly into place. From looking like a test object in a lab to a fully completed product it is often only the plastic enclosure that is needed.