Bespoke plastic Covers & Casings for big size electronics

A plastic housing is a cover or volume created by assembling plastic sheets to protect, embellish or cover electronic equipment. In most cases it is of a larger size supported by an internal chassis.

A big size heavy duty electronic device, such as a spectrometer used in an industrial production environnement is mounted on a metal structure, covered by plastic panels. With a custom designed solution from LTP many different solutions can be found for shape and size requests, but also for technical needs.

Design solutions : robust and good looking

YA heavy and big size electronic device often looks chuncky, especially when the device needs to be protected from mecanical impacts or dirt by a thick plastic outer shell.

At LTP we can offer a cost efficent solution adapted to the working environement of your device and add aesthetical features, that give your device a modern look despite its size.

Bespoke plastic cover UL94V0, IP, EMI compliant

Today engineers and technicians not only need to solve functional problems of a new device. They also need to comply to various norms such as UL94V0, IP or EMI shielding.

Our online checklist allows you to express and list all necessary technical features. If your cover or enclosure needs to be UL94V0, which can use a certified raw material. In order to help you reach a IP Norm, we can adapt the design of the bespoke plastic cover including special seals. Various solutions can be achieved by selective EMI paint.