Small custom designed plastic Enclosures for IoT and Micro-Electronics

With a small to medium size, enclosures designed and fabricated by LTP are often handheld, wall mounted or placed on a desk. They can also be mounted inside another bigger application.

In most cases they are more rapid for both development and to manufacture.

At LTP the custom designed solution is materialised by a prototype within 5 working days for enclosure projects based on ElectroniCase and within approximately 2 - 5 weeks for DesignCase projects. The serial production starts immediately upon validation of the prototype.

Meaning even if a manufacturer of electronic devices had initially decided to use an off-the-shelf standard enclosure and the project is in the later stage of its development process, LTP can provide a rapid R&D solution. The quotation for a bespoke enclosure, can be made online or directly via our technical sales reps.

There are two developement options: ElectroniCase (quote online) or DesignCase (checklist online). The technology needs no specific tooling.

With a custom designed enclosure, make your device a best seller!

You are working on a new production developement project and need an enclosure? You would like an enclosure in your company colours and coporate identity? You would like to add user instructions on the enclosure to make sure the user plugs the cables into the matching connector? You would like to give your device an ergonomic shape for a comfortable use? ... but you do not have the budget, nor the quanity for a mould to fabricate a custom designed enclosure by injection?

You could adapt a standard plastic enclosure, but possibilities are limited. With our Electronicase solution, the budget is comparable to an adapted standard injection enclosure.

Furthermore, with a custom designed enclosure, there are no limits. All aestetics needs and requests are taken into account right from the start.

This custom designed shape and look gives your product a unique identity. An electronic device immediatly recognisable, without any extra costs. Your sales will increase and your turnover grow.

Meet technical requirements (UL94V0, IP64) and solve functional difficulties (PCB mounting, selective EMI painting)

Common technical points from our customers, who wish to develop a bespoke enclosure are: The product contains a PCB, that needs to be protected. The PCB has 2 ports on the left side and 1 port on the right side.

The finished device including a PCB in an enclosure made out of plastic, is going to be mounted on the wall. A hidden mounting feature is needed to provide an unauthorised person to dismount the enclosure.

The PCB inside the enclosure needs to be easily accessible for service and maintenance.

The device is mounted inside a machine or a very narrow area where there is millimeter precision to make it fit. It needs to be as small as possible.

A standard enclosure needs to be reworked and your electronics have to be adapted. This rework will consume additional time and money for shipping costs to the manucaturer site, unpacking, manufacturing, packing, and shipping again to your site for mounting the PCB.

A standard reworked enclosure, might not even be suitable at all.

With the LTP solution it is the enclosure, that adapts to the electronics and your technical needs.

An LTP plastic enclosure will be shipped ready for mounting directly from our production plan in France, including all the finishing you requested: cut outs, painting, marking and engraving. Your production team will be able to start mounting the electronic components immediately.